Blood Mirror

In 2014, artist Jordan Eagles enlisted a group of 9 extraordinary gay, polysexual, and/or transgender men, each with a unique life story, to donate their blood to the sculpture Blood Mirror in protest of the FDA’s ban. The blood in this sculpture has been encased in resin and is fully preserved, ensuring that the organic material will not change over time.

In 2016, 50 PrEP advocates gathered in protest to donate their blood to Blood Mirror. Each individual donated a tube of blood – 50 tubes equals a full pint, the amount in a standard blood donation — which was collected into the “community pint”. This blood was preserved inside Blood Mirror. The FDA’s current 1-year deferral policy continues to stigmatize gay and bisexual men without accounting for PrEP, condoms, and other safe-sex practices that can greatly reduce the risk of HIV infection.

Viewers can enter Blood Mirror and see themselves reflected through the blood of these 59 preserved donations. A totem of science and equality, Blood Mirror is an archive of the donors’ blood that confronts the 33-year history of the FDA’s ban and current discriminatory policy.

Filmmaker and activist Leo Herrera documented these blood donations, the voices of these men, and the creation of Blood Mirror in 2 short films.

Blood Mirror community pint

artist & filmmaker


Jordan Eagles is a New York-based artist who has garnered public and critical attention for his dynamic and meticulous processes of working with blood. Through his experimental, inventive process, he encases the blood in plexiglass and UV resin, which permanently retains the organic material’s natural colors, patterns, and textures. The materials and luminosity in his body of work relate to themes of mortality, spirituality, science, and equality. Learn More


Leo Herrera is a Mexican-born, New York-based filmmaker, visual artist, and LGBT advocate. His viral clips, art films, and music videos have gathered over half a million views, and his advocacy work has focused on PrEP, HIV criminalization and stigma, and the preservation of gay history. Learn More

Blood Mirror—9 LGBT Advocates Protest FDA Ban on Gay Blood Donors